Information on the Romney Marsh Weather Station

The weather monitoring & logging system has been running since 1996 and is located at Dymchurch on Romney Marsh in Kent.

The main weather monitoring system consists of various sensors monitoring individual weather parameters..

There is a roof mounted anemometer unit monitoring wind speed and direction.

A sunshine monitor using light intensity as a gauge of sunshine level.This unit uses light detection cells to compare
sunlight to shadow, when the ratio exceeds a preset threshold the sun is deemed to be shining..

A rain gauge is included which has a counting accuracy of 0.01mm so rainfall figures are quite accurate..

An electronic thermometer provides temperature readings..

An electronic tranducer has replaced the 'old' wet bulb thermometer and now supplies humidity readings..

Barometric pressure is monitored by an accurate pressure transducer..

All these units pass their data to a battery backed logging system which stores the information for downloading.
onto a computer and subsequent transfer, automatically, to the internet web site.

The web site has been up and running since January 2005.

The web site was introduced for two reasons :-

a) As a challenge to adapt the weather station for web use.
b) As a possible site of assistance to browsers.
It is hoped that the web site is useful to all those interested in the weather conditions on Romney Marsh.


March 2020

Due to a failure of the sunshine sensor which failed in February 2020 the subsequent repair started on 23/03/2020.
This has required the dismantling of the sensor mast including the windspeed and direction unit.
It is hoped to return these 3 sensors into full service by Wednesday 25th March 2020.

The main weather data logger is now connected to a Raspberry Pi version 3 which handles all the Software and web page uploading.
This saves a large amount of electrical power and allow a fully battery backed up system in the event of a power cut.

We are hoping to soon include a new page to display local tide heights and times which will update each day.

If you have any comments on this weather site and/or suggestions on how it could be improved please send an e-mail to


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