Glossary of weather terms used on the Romney Marsh Weather Station

Wind Chill

---- This a term used to show how cold a warm blooded creature feels due to the effect of temperature and wind speed.
It is more pronounced when the air temperature is low and the wind speed is high.
At higher air temperatures, wind chill effects are less pronounced.
Even if a wind chill temperature is below freezing does not mean that water would freeze or ice will form.

Heat Index

----This is a measure of how hot it feels outdoors as a result of air temperature and relative humidity combined.
The human body sometimes needs to lose heat to maintain an even temperature. Normally at low air temperatures your body can radiate excess heat to maintan body temperatures.
As the air temperature rises radiating body heat is less effective so your sweat glands turn on to start evaporative cooling.
Evaporative cooling is good at lowering body heat but as the humidity in the air goes up your body can't evaporate your sweat.
In high temperature/high humidity environments, your body can get into a dangerous situation where it cannot radiate or evaporate the heat away.

Apparent Temperature

---- The apparent temperature or the 'Feels Like' temperature is based on air temperature, humidity and wind speed.
The 'feels like' temperature is based on what it would feel like to an adult walking outdoors in the shade.

Wind Run

Courtesy of Davis Instruments.
---- Calculated by multiplying the wind speed by the measurement period and summing over time.
If the wind speed was a constant 10 miles per hour for three hours, the wind run would equal 30 miles.

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